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Please help with a family history of bowel cancer study

A survey from Plymouth University for people with a Family History of Bowel Cancer

Some families have an inherited vulnerability to bowel cancer which runs in the family. When someone is found to have an increased risk of cancer like this, their doctor may suggest that they tell their relatives. This is because the health advice given to one person may apply to other people in the family.

If you have an increased risk of bowel cancer in your family we are very interested in what you tell us. Your views will guide us to provide better health care to families like your own. You may have experience of sharing information in the family, or you may not; we are interested to learn from everyone’s experiences.

We are conducting a survey (taking 20 -30 minutes) to gather the views of as many people as possible who have an increased risk of bowel cancer in their family.

If you are interested, please click on the link below to read an information leaflet and answer a few questions to check that you are eligible to take part. Survey questionnaires can be completed online at any time, or if you prefer, they are available in a paper copy.


If you have questions about this survey please email: , text or leave a message on 07784785368.



Selina Goodman, PhD student & Genetic Counsellor


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